Email and the Internet have become too crowded

Email and online marketing are unquestionably important. But consider this: Most people are so bombarded with email and internet ads that we’ve been conditioned to gloss over these digital marketing messages and pay little attention to them. Just think about how many sales type emails you get on a daily basis. Yeah Groupon and Living Social are cool, and so is that coupon for a free Rubio’s burrito but they clutter our inboxes every day.

The fact that physical mailboxes are a little emptier these days makes it easier to get our message across.
Direct mail is a tangible and physical form of marketing.

There’s nothing like physically holding something in your hands - especially a marketing message. We are operating in a world where most marketing messages are digital and intangible, the end user appreciates being able to touch and feel something that is “real”.
If done right - It’s communicative art.
It's been long said that "a picture is worth a thousand words”. Postcards are a great way to promote your message in real estate. This could be to market a new listing, show graphs and trends in your farm area or to celebrate a recent sale!

Let people in your area know that you are active and successful! What better way to do this than with a beautiful postcard or letter?
Direct mail is a key part of an overall marketing strategy.
We aren’t naive. Our logic is not that mail should be used instead of the internet or other marketing methods. Instead we view direct mail is part of an overall marketing plan that includes social media, adwords, door knocking and telephone prospecting.
Some studies say that direct mail is viewed as the most trustworthy form of marketing.
Direct mail communicates that you are willing to invest in your business and are here for the long haul. While websites and email blasts are useful, end users know these can be created quickly and at little cost. Direct mail sends a totally different message to the client that can compliment your other efforts.
Fewer agents are doing it.
Imagine you are on a listing presentation with an owner and talking about your marketing plan. Of course you are going to put it in the MLS and yes you are going to put up a for sale sign, but what else are you going to do to get the property sold? How about a mailing campaign targeting move up buyers?

You listed a property at $500,000 for example. A simple marketing strategy could be to send postcards to a $400,000 neighborhood suggesting that these homeowners sell and move up to your listing. Our system makes this easy and simple.

A comprehensive marketing plan is going to keep you ahead of the competition and allow you to take more listings!
It isn’t as expensive as you think.
When we talk to agents about why they don’t do more direct mail the response is often that it is "too expensive”. Our platform eliminates this objection a couple of different ways.

First, we have no minimums in terms of the number of cards you send with every deployment. Our program lets you send just one card or 1 million at a time - it makes no difference to us. We will still treat you like the rockstar real estate professional that you are. You set your own budget which allows you to comfortably work your farm area.

Secondly not all of our packages require a commitment to a certain number of cards in a given month. This means you could send 45 cards to a given farm early in the month and then later in the same month send 100 cards.

You are in total control of your marketing with our platform.
Our program makes consistency easy.
Instead of having to design and mail the postcards yourself, you can rely on our system to deploy your cards with minimal effort on your part. We all know the easier something is to do the more likely you are to actually do it.

The best businesspeople (and real estate people specifically) operate with dispassionate consistency. They create a plan and consistently work it.

Our postcard and letter program makes it easier for you to do your job and get more clients!
It’s a passive branding method to complement active marketing.
Both active and passive marketing strategies are important. Active strategies like door knocking and telephone marketing are of course part of your toolbox. Pairing this with some passive marketing (like postcards) is going to help get your name in front of people in more ways than one.
It builds trust over time.
Over time, direct mail will solidify your position in a farm area. Property owners will know that you are an active agent specializing in their market. If you are going after an expired listing or a for sale by owner and they have seen your name and face over the last year it will be easier to get an appointment and ultimately take the listing.